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Support Us


All our services are free of charge to our mums. Your contribution will go towards the cost of counsellors, coaches and our events program. You will have the option to choose exactly where your money is spent, or it can be allocated across all our services. 

Volunteer your service

We are in need of volunteer counsellors and coaches to join our team. By volunteering, you will allow us to offer this life changing service to more mums across the country. 

Sponsor an Event

By sponsoring an event, you will be creating opportunities for mums to benefit socially, mentally, physically and emotionally.  

Join our team

We are currently recruiting for the following volunteer roles:

  • Content Creator - Creating content for our social media page. This can range from daily quotes to videos and interviews. The scope is broad as we are looking for new ideas as well as fulfilling some of our existing plans.

  • Event Planner - Manage the planning and execution of events. Our goal is to offer multiple events in the future, so we need all the help that we can get.  We offer two events, one is geared towards mums only while the other is child-friendly. 

  • Funding Coordinator - Research and apply for funding opportunities such as grants. Funding is crucial to our work as it allows us to provide all the services for free.                                     

We would like to have up to four people for each role. 

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